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If you like action and violence, this movie needs to be in your Netflix queue or you need to just go fucking steal it.
They're still pretty much still rolling credits when the Rock caps the first motherfucker in the forehead.
I'm not kidding. The film opens with him getting out of prison. He walks out to find no one waiting to pick him up. He starts running through some God-forsaken desert in Texas, and runs until he gets to a junkyard. He whips a tarp off of a bad-ass 1970 (I think) Chevelle SS, takes the keys off the front left tire, gets in and takes a piece of paper out of the glove compartment and reaches under the seat for a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan, peels out of the junkyard, drives for a while, gets out of the car and jaywalks, causing all manner of mayhem, walks into an office, stalks through it until he finds his pray and empties his first victim's skull with one .454 Casull hollow-point round much like you would the innards of a pumpkin at Halloween.
That's literally within the first three or four minutes of the film.
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