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My landlord broke up with his girl friend on new years eve while I was away over the holidays. The girlfriend owned the toaster, microwave, shower curtain, couch, the two tables, the cutlery, the pots and pans (minus my sweet cast=iron one) the cooking utensils (can openers, spatulas etc.) shelves and she managed to break the door handle before she left.

I recieved no warning or notice of this so I came back from holidays to find a vastly underfurnished place, uncomfortable but workable. That same night my landlord decided to bake paint onto his friends muffler which melted the oven and ruined the stove top. So now other than stealing plastic cutlery from uni I can no longer heat any food.

So tonight I came up with an alternative since I can not afford to eat out every night. I placed water and rice in a steel bowl covered it with tinfoil and ventured out in the cold. My goal was to find a public bbq stand in the park and enough dead fall to make a servicaeable fire. Thusly I succeeded and had enough water left over to make hot chocolate.

Now if only I could get him to stop having parties on weeknights that fo on past three am.
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