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Working on it. Got support from one of the local councillors, the noise nuisance team and planning enforcement. Working on getting Health and Safety on to it (there's a few issues that fall under their remit) too.

Slightly worried because the temple are resorting to dirty tactics. We collected a petition of surrounding residents. They've got ten letters from people in our neighbourhood who claim we approached them and misrepresented ourselves as representing the temple organisation. The fucked up thing is, we didn't even visit 5 or 6 of the places, and only two of the ten signed our petition. We have since discovered one of those two said she only signed their letter because they kept harassing her and ringing her bell non-stop. They've told people they'll "burn in hell" for opposing a place of worship, that it's a sin, all sorts of emotional blackmail, bordering on threats. It's unseemly.

They've been collecting a petition (300 signatures) and garnering support using their website. I've seen the planning file and their side of it (in favour of the application) dwarfs ours, but it's padded with people from India and Malaysia! Even the UK-based ones are from places like Slough, Essex and Birmingham. I'm hoping the council disregards their views; they don't live here, what business is it of theirs? If the temple relocates, they can still go. That's all we want.

It's because the temple's been telling its worshippers that we, in the house next door, are trying to close them down. Which isn't quite true. We've asked the council to help them relocate, so those people can go pray, without disturbing the local neighbourhood. You should see the dirty looks we get. Every person who walks past our house looks in, and if looks could's like being a prisoner in your own house. It's fucking insane, hopefully the council can see that.
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