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Heh. I've done that before (this has been going on for 7 months) and was tempted to do it again, but my sister was unwell. Tried explaining that but they don't listen. Monday my mum, who's had a stroke and is under doctor's orders to rest when she gets headaches because if she doesn't they lead to severe 3-day migraines, went in to tell them to just turn down the loudspeakers (carry on their ceremony but without amplifying the noise levels) and they grabbed her and shoved her. Her blood pressure raced and an ambulance came out. They wanted to take her to hospital.

I've told them, one of these days I will smack someone. I'm a "live and let live" kinda guy but these people take the fucking piss. Yet you know if I hit one of them, I'll be the one who gets into trouble. It's a joke. We're being forced to consider moving out of a house we've occupied for around 25 years because of some cunts who've been here for less than a year. The illegal (and tall) marquee they've got in their backyard will probably hurt the value of our house too.

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