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Heh, Uruguay cheated their way through, I see. They were your team, weren't they? Now that the US is out? I see they got revenge on Ghana (amazing how they were able to cheat against the US and nobody mentioned it but now that they are the victims everyone's all over it. I suspect a little bit of "poor African country" is going on) for you.

As for Italy, against Slovakia the first goal was De Rossi's fault, but after that they seemed shell-shocked. The funny thing is, the problem for Italy's defence wasn't a lack of pace but a lack of organisation. So out of character for them.

The Dutch got away with murder. Robben is an irritating little fucker who's rivaling Ronaldo in the diving stakes, but that's still no excuse for Melo going crazy. Wait until the match is over and you've won before dishing out revenge.

He'll probably get a violent conduct ban for three games now so hopefully that is the end of his Brazil career.

Think you're being a touch harsh on the Joga Bonita front though. Second half, true, but first half there was that Kaka shot after a beautiful move and also Maicon doing his Carlos Alberto impression. For some reason after half time there was no intensity, backed off the Dutch, allowed them to pass the ball around without pressing them like we did before the break. Letting the Netherlands keep possession is dangerous and they grew into the game. And then at 2-1 there were no game-changing options on the bench. No Pato, Dinho or Diego. At least one of them should've gone.

And why Melo instead of treble winner Thiago Motta, or Gilberto (not Silva, the other one) instead of Marcelo?

There are, in amongst the gloom, reasons for us to have optimism. We're hosting the next one so on top of home advantage, we have plenty of time for friendlies (no qualification) to experiment and give kids a chance. There's the likes of Rafael, Marcelo, Ganso and Neymar coming through, as well as Pato. Robinho will only be 30, Adriano's move to Roma could mean he rekindles his career (he'll still only be 31) and even Kaka might make it at 32.

At the back Maicon and Dani Alves will only be 32 and 31 respectively and in the middle Thiago Silva and David Luiz should mature into top centre backs. At home, with the right coaching set up (either Scolari or Leonardo, possibly a combination of both), with the indignation after two successive failures, it could end up being a case of Brazil going out of their way to hammer teams silly just to prove a point. Maybe I'm grasping at straws but it's all I've got.

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