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Cannavaro may have played fine in the matches you mentioned, but against Slovakia, he (and the entire defense for that matter) was atrocious. That goal on the throw in was the kind of shit you see in a youth league when most of the kids are too busy thinking about what the team mother brought for snacks at halftime.

Good thing Felipe Melo plays for Juve, too. Maybe he can get a flight directly to Turin so he doesn’t wind up like Andreas Escobar. I’ve never seen a match where one guy had a hand in every single goal that was scored.

- pass to Robinho… goal Brazil
- Sneidjer set piece off the back of his head… goal Netherlands
- ball watching instead of marking Sneidjer… goal Netherlands

And then he stomps on Robben and gets sent off.

Yeah… he probably doesn’t need to go to Brazil for quite some time.

To be honest, both teams looked like shit for most of the match. The Dutch seemed to be more interested in diving than total football and the Brazilians were too busy screaming about the Dutch to practice any Joga Bonita. I thought that Robinho was going to get himself sent off for screaming at the referee on a couple of occasions.

It’s funny how a few days ago, there was a very real possibility of a semi-final round made up of nothing but South American teams, but now with Brazil out and Ghana up 1 – 0 over Uruguay, I feel like it could be a semi-final round without a single South American team in it. I’ll be interested to see how Argentina’s defense holds up against Germany. Like you said, Mexico was all over them until that first Tevez (non) goal.
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