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England weren't screwed by the ref. They were pummeled silly by the better team, and yes, it should've been 2-2, but it so easily could've been 5-2 to the Germans at half time with better finishing. Germany were miles better, and would probably have still gone on to win from 2-2. Sadly we'll never know giving England fans the perfect excuse.

England fans should remember that if they'd beaten Algeria they'd have topped the group and avoided Germany.

Mexico, on the other hand, got screwed. They were all over Argentina until the goal and then fell apart. Still, can't put the result down to the ref when one of your defenders passes the ball straight to Higuain. That's asking for trouble.

England should think of it this way: concede four goals and you're rarely going to win a game. If they had lost 2-1, or even 3-1, you could put it down to the ref, but 4-1? At 2-1 with 45 minutes left, why throw so many players forward?

At 3-1 why keep it up; you now need two to even get to extra time/pens. Pens against Germany = England out.

As for the goal, yes, it should've been allowed, but I don't think the problem was the lack of technology. It was clear to everyone watching that it had crossed the line. Likewise Tevez' offside, he was miles off. No decent official would have made those mistakes. The problem is FIFA choosing poor officials. Or maybe just a lack of good ones.
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