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I have to say, I feel a bit better about the United States loss being chalked up to our own incompetence in central defense, rather than simply getting screwed by the referee the way England and Mexico were. Makes the loss much more digestible. If we could find a way to get through the first ten minutes of a game (or extra time) we'd be damn near unbeatable.

As for the refereeing, I think the problems could be solved pretty simply. An "eye in the sky", fifth official could have contacted the referee in the England - Germany game (through the earpiece he's already wearing) and said "that's a goal" within seconds... probably before the German keeper could have gotten rid of the ball. In the Mexico - Argentina game, the same official could have buzzed down and said "offside... no goal" before Tevez had stopped sliding on his knees. I think when most people hear "instant replay", they think of the onerous system which interrupts NFL games, but it is designed that way because of the constant starts and stops inherent in the game.
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