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had my wisdom teeth removed Thursday. only took 10-20minutes for them to pull/cut them out(wow). if any of you have a facebook, u can watch my video of me in recovery crying my brains out. with my mouth open (bcuz of the gauze in my mouth).

my parents say i was crying bcuz its the reaction from the anistesia(sp), but its not. I was crying because i was scared. I started crying before they put the ivy in my arm, bcuz i have a real bad needle phobia (that no one seems to understand/respect), and i wasn't ready for it to be stuck in my arm, and i started bawling my eyes out, like the stupid 21 year old cry baby that i am... and i guarantee, i did not even know my teeth had already been removed yet. I dont remember being in recovery, i woke up from being sedated on the drive home.

anyway. if u have a facebook, [here's the video]
I am the ugliest person in the WORLD when i cry.

i'll upload a video of me on the way home later.
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