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Well... well... well. The United States is through to the Round of 16, despite the best efforts of the referees/linesmen. I can't think of another country that has been screwed more in this tournament than the United States.

- Yellow card to Findley for a handball against Slovenia, that he clearly did not commit.
- The obvious bad call to disallow our third goal against Slovenia.
- Another goal disallowed today for offside, when Dempsey was clearly onside.
- Another yellow card for handball to Beasley.
- Altidore gets a yellow card even though there was no contact. Clear dive.
- Dempsey gets punched in the face in the box... no call.

That last foul was committed by their captain, already on a yellow. He missed with an elbow and then caught Dempsey with a balled fist. The intent was clear, and he should have been sent off. I have a feeling that the referee realized this, and that's why he got the second yellow when the Algerians were screaming at the referee toward the end. He appeared to be holding the others back and I was shocked to see him sent off, even though he deserved it for the foul on Dempsey.

Regardless, he deserved a red and the United States deserved a penalty kick. If De Rossi deserved a PK for that dinner theater acting job against New Zealand, Dempsey definitely deserved it for getting punched in the mouth.

Honestly, I'm shocked that the referee didn't disallow the goal by Donovan in the 91st minute for some other "perceived infraction".

I'll be anxiously awaiting the results from Group D. Go Australia and Ghana!
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