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We played 11 cheating Portuguese and a home-biased Swiss tonight...12 men against 11 isn't fair, is it?

Perfectly good goal not allowed and it wasn't the first time the bloody ref screwed us over in that game.

As for Beckham, it wasn't his fault. The way he strikes the ball, he puts a LOT of pressure on his standing foot, and the spot just gave way...c'mon EVERY single player patted that spot down before they took it, so clearly something was wrong.

I swear the Portuguese knew, which is why they opted for England to take the first pen...cheating bastards!

Now I'm backing a Sweden v Czech long as the Portuguese and French who both robbed us don't win, I'll be content, although thanks to a Dutch "friend" of mine who chose to laugh at me tonight after the game, I now want the men in orange to fall...sorry to all of the Dutch folk at KKW, but that's how it is.

Cheating Portuguese don't deserve to bloody win it...GAAAAAH!!!

I hope the England fans bloody burn Portugal to the bloody ground...serve the bloody hosts right for cheating.
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