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ah no, i found that out the strange way. i used to date black guys occasionally, when i started dating one guy in particular and we were more serious than i usually get with guys, i mentioned to my mother that i was dating someone. she asked where he lived and when i mentioned the town- which has the reputation of being predominately black and poor. she asked in a scandalized tone if he was black and then got really pissed off. didnt stop me from dating him till we ended over a non race issue. a few months later i mention the relationship and my mom disgust to my dad. and he suprisingly didnt seem as bothered by the guy-perhaps because it was over. he made excuses for my mom saying that she was from the south and had grown up with these prejeudices. so no its not ok with my mom and my dad has a dont ask dont tell policy- same thing with my sexual orientation. weirddd. my friends are also strangely prejuediced having grown up in all white neighboorhoods and gone to private schools where there might be 5 black students out of 400. so i date black guys but i dont tell anyone.
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