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Dawn Olivieri is gorgeous, and I've said that for a long time, ever since I saw her in HIMYM. She looks even better in Heroes (yes, I admit, I still watch it, in large part thanks to nostalgia, although it does appear to be getting better now, as we're getting to the part where we learn about Samuel Sullivan's power, and it is awesome. I won't say any more to avoid spoiling it for people).

The girl who plays Bill's 1866 wife was also in the OC (I recognised her picture so scrolled down her IMDB profile and recognised the character) and I thought she was gorgeous then (and as I pointed out, I currently have a penchant for redheads). Pissed off weregal's not bad either, not stunning, but decent. The others are OK, and like you said, it's more for the men to look at, at least.

And how on Earth did I miss your earlier post?! Let me address it now then:

Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
Argh! I'm so sorry!
Entirely my fault. It's not like I indicated where we were in the UK, and it's a known fact that when you discuss TV on the internet, you risk spoilers, short of either avoiding the discussion or announcing at the outset "no spoilers". Besides, it's hardly a huge spoiler or anything. It's fine .

"You'll be sooo sorry when I get an eating disorder!".
I lolled when that came on. Literally. And loudly too.

The next two episodes are the ones that cemented my love for all things Eric, and easily the best ones in all of this kooky season.
Well, I loved the one where they introduce the backstory for Eric. Not only was Eric damn funny in human life (well, he's never short of a witty retort as a vampire, is he?) but I love the way they show Eric's humanity, in a far subtler way than the way in which they showed Bill's. It's more realistic. Can't wait for the next one (it's Sky +ed and ready to watch).

Well, duh. Skarsgård called them "cute" and "adorable".
Haha. Thanks for that. Forwarded onto my Twilight fan sister.
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