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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
her Phoenix should've had a bigger role.
Indeed. One of many things the films got badly wrong.

Exactly. We know all the badass vamps with the attitude, but no one ever tells what it's like when you're newly turned.
Especially when it's tied into the idea of a teenager going through puberty with all its incumbent changes and sexual awakening.

And Hoyt's mother completely deserved that bite...
Not quite that far along yet . Last episode I've seen is the one where Sookie and Bill go to Dallas but there's an attempt to kidnap Sookie. Heh, loved the scene where Jessica's trapped in the travel coffin. Priceless.

It's where Maryann holds the birthday party for Tara and Lafayette feeds from Eric to heal. Curious as hell over that bellhop that seems to share Sookie's "gift" (heh, loved the fact that Vampires can order a hooker complete with blood type).

Eddie Cullen should take a leaf or twenty from her book.
Moyer called Edward's character "a pussy". You should've heard the outrage.
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