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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Actually I never really liked her as Rogue. Paquin's attempts at accents bother me a lot. Famke Janssen, on the other hand, was a great Jean Grey. And, incidentally, speaking of hot women, Famke is stunning.
I said somewhere over the forums I'd go gay for Famke Janssen. She was great as Jean Grey; but (along with legions of others, I daresay) her Phoenix should've had a bigger role. Loved the scene where she wrecked the lab and nearly raped Wolvie (can't blame her) and destroyed her childhood home (let's not get into how wrong it was for the script writers to have her kill the Professor); but after that she just stood idly by as mutants ripped themselves to pieces over a "cure" that doesn't really work after all. Screw the cure. I wanted to see the Dark Phoenix in all of its destructive glory.

Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
EXACTLY! I love her. She's hilarious, captivating and intriguing, as well as an absolutely stunning girl to look at. I've noticed I have a recent penchant for redheads. The character's great too; a young vampire in every sense.
Exactly. We know all the badass vamps with the attitude, but no one ever tells what it's like when you're newly turned.

It was so cute to see her and Hoyt together. It's pretty hard to act proper on a date when all you want to do is rip that someone's pants off, but as a vampire? It would be torture! And Hoyt's mother completely deserved that bite...

Now she's taking her sexual frustration out on rednecks. Eddie Cullen should take a leaf or twenty from her book.
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