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Originally Posted by Porcelain_Doll View Post
I disagree. Anna Paquin may not be standard "hot", but I'd take her over Lynn Collins any day.
Each to their own, I guess. Lynn Collins has the most exquisite calves and an absolutely gorgeous, rather elfin, face. Paquin looks great with darker hair, but I hate her as a blonde. Then again, I've never really been that much into blondes, so that could explain it. Lynn Collins and Lizzy Caplan both have darker hair, so that'd explain why I liked them.

I guess I'm still not over her as Rogue (though she should've had a bigger, stronger role! It's ROGUE, dammit! Then again, Jean Grey should've had a stronger role too. It's PHOENIX, dammit!!!).
Actually I never really liked her as Rogue. Paquin's attempts at accents bother me a lot. Famke Janssen, on the other hand, was a great Jean Grey. And, incidentally, speaking of hot women, Famke is stunning.

Deborah Ann Woll is amazing! She's probably my favourite character. Nothing like a beautiful, angelic, teenager ticking time-bomb.
EXACTLY! I love her. She's hilarious, captivating and intriguing, as well as an absolutely stunning girl to look at. I've noticed I have a recent penchant for redheads. The character's great too; a young vampire in every sense.

I'd like to see her against one of those whiny sparklepires.
Heh. That puts me in mind of Moyer's remarks about Edward Cullen...
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