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Originally Posted by Hazzle View Post
Still on season 2 here. It's so not fair, too, that you girls get good looking blokes to stare at. My sister's rather taken with Eric too. And every time us blokes get a good looking girl (Lynn Collins, Lizzy Caplan...) they get killed.

And no, don't say Anna Paquin's hot. She's not. Cute, I guess, in a pinch, but nowhere near "hot". Hell, Anna Camp's better looking, and she's still very "girl next door" (although I guess she's meant to be). Deborah Ann Woll's probably my favourite of the current cast, but again, she's nowhere near as hot as the two they killed off. Plus, I reckon part of that is down to the character she plays.
I disagree. Anna Paquin may not be standard "hot", but I'd take her over Lynn Collins any day. She just has this appeal...I guess I'm still not over her as Rogue (though she should've had a bigger, stronger role! It's ROGUE, dammit! Then again, Jean Grey should've had a stronger role too. It's PHOENIX, dammit!!!).

Be patient, they have casted so many beautiful people for Season 3, it's almost ridiculous. Since the weres appear on this one along with more powerful vamps, there's going to be plenty of eye candy for both sexes. *squee*

Deborah Ann Woll is amazing! She's probably my favourite character. Nothing like a beautiful, angelic, teenager ticking time-bomb. I'd like to see her against one of those whiny sparklepires.
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