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Ok, this thread needs a fucking bump.

Cara: You're a United fan? Oh please say it ain't so. I thought you had taste

Looks like it's going to be an interesting little title race this season. United and Chelsea going at it like a couple of heavyweight prizefighters and Arsenal just waiting for the two of them to pound each other into the ground and leave the title wide open for a return to Wenger's grasp.

How weird would it be for the return of Sol, one of the members of that great Invincibles side, to spur (pun intended) Arsenal to another title?

Speaking of Spurs, there's some weird shit going on between me and a friend of mine who's a Spurs fan. He wants us to win the title and I want them to finish fourth. It's like something out of the twilight zone. Of course we both have the same reason; if United win the title and City finish fourth we Londoners will have to keep hearing about how great Manchester is.

Whereas if Arsenal win the title, Chelsea finish second (and win the Champions League) and Spurs fourth, that proves that London, as those of us who live here know full well, shits all over Manchester.

EDIT: Obviously I wrote that before I'd seen the highlights of Chelsea's defeat to Inter. Oops.

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