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Originally Posted by Mijo View Post
You don't think it's a good film because she died?

I don't think it's very good because it's all about was intended to be a love story(love stories require joint-protagonists) and the Helene character was just left out totally...For all I know she could have been having an affair with the mailman and the whole letter writing thing was a last sadistic hurrah because she knew she as dying and she wanted to make him feel guilty for the rest of his life for getting a little AZN poontang on the side.
Actually, the letter was made because Hélène wanted Hervé to be happy. He wasn't supposed to find out she wrote it. She wrote it nine years before she dies and never mentions it to him the whole time.

I the book, Baldabiou leaves town three years before she dies and she cries really hard when he does.

The screenplay was so very much effed up.
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