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Hi Dave,
thanks for the feedback on the new website.
I've been testing the new layout for a couple of weeks now, slowly tweaking and adding and refining bits here and there.

You're right that it's tiny, and that is part of the way KKW is going forwards. It had become obvious that as interests wane over time and our regular staff and administrators have moved on that we could no longer maintain the site in a way deserving to the visitors. Rather than let the old site stagnate, I decided to perform one last redesign that shifted the focus to what we already have here, instead of news updates. A sort of 'KKW Lite' was in mind - something compact and efficient and low-maintenance.

There are no guarantees of updates or any regular schedule of additions; just the promise that KKW will always be online in it's present form that preserves the 9 years of the site's history.

The featured articles are the only three that have been imported from the old website so far, more will follow shortly. However those three were historically the most read and so provide the highest Adsense revenue on the article pages so they might stick around.

The other single-line adsense units will probably be removed soon since they don't perform as expected.

I'm aware of the 'extra two photos' on the Most Popular and Most Recent tabs, although I had only encountered it on some versions of Safari - Firefox and Internet Explorer render the page as intended - Safari gets it wrong for no reason I can figure out yet; it's a work in progress.

The widget that displays pictures on the frontpage developed from a side project of mine that i've been working on for about a year in 30-minute bursts. The actual technical bit of getting images from a coppermine database is done by a plugin called cpmfetch, and that's something you can download for free and play with. The interface is custom, though.

The whole site is really in open testing, so expect some things to work, others to break and general tweaks over the coming weeks.

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