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Originally Posted by dave View Post
I loved "The Interpreter". It was the first Sean Penn movie that I liked him in. And it was the reason I finally watched "Mystic River." He was good in it also, but I didn't like his character. Of course that was what was supposed to happen.
I like Mystic River. No doubt, all films by Clint Eastwood are great and deep. Sean Penn is a terrific actor of unique talent and I'm really glad his part in Milk was appreciated by the Academy.

BTW, I forgot to mention, recently I saw two films Vivien Leigh starrinf, she's one of my favotite actresses. A Streetcar Named Desire and Caesar and Cleopatra.

And as lately appeared a list of the animated features which were submitted to the Oscars, I want Up to win the statuette. It's magnificent.
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