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Originally Posted by dave View Post
I agree with Surprize. The coincidence of having the same thought when engaged in a conversation isn't enough to base a relationship on. There's a reason you broke up the first time. That's still valid.

Tell me, would you think he is as interesting if you had that same conversation while you were out on a date with someone else? You were sitting at a table in a nice restaurant with your latest Boi-Toi and he walked up with his date and you commenced to have the same conversation... If not, then you were having more than a conversation. The fact that you were susceptible to his flirtations should be a warning to you to stay away without a male escort.

And one more tiny comment. A 16 year old girl out with a 23 year old boy is being abused. Period. End of discussion. (The one exception is if he is paying Modeling Fees for her company. That would be about a thousand dollars an hour, And there were two Uncles carrying baseball bats along as chaperones...)
Heh, I never went out with a 23 year old while I was sixteen. It was just an example.

I know fully well nothing good can come out of this. In fact, I'm writing him this as I type. I know him well enough, and even though we shared great times and he was absolutely wonderful, I'm very clear on the subject of his faults.

He simply means too much to me, in a very annoying way. I hate it so, but I can't help it.
My mind can't keep off him for too long, we get along too well even after all this time. But I have no plans on getting back with him.

A part of me doesn't want to steer clear of our great conversations. Another is screaming "get away!" but I can't figure how.
That is the dilemma: I seemingly must get away, but don't want to, and don't know how.
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