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Originally Posted by Surprize View Post
Who the hell is this?
Octo Mom is her:

She had six children (all of whom were apparently conceived in-vitro, which I just realized I have no idea how to spell), and two of which have disabilities. She lives in a three bedroom, one bathroom home with her mother. Recently, because of a work related lawsuit, she recieved over $100,000. She used some of the money to have a considerable amount of work done on her face, and paid another huge amount to a doctor of questionable morality for more babies. Despite reportedly being on welfare, she chose to keep all eight new babies.

I saw the Dr. Phil interview with her, and just feel horribly for all fourteen children involved. I think the situation is best described by a seriously out-of-touch Nadya who, when asked how she is going to transport her large family, said "I'll just have to buy a fifteen-seat van."

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