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Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
It has been a long time since I've been on this forum, hope everyone is well!

Seeing as its a shiny new year I though I'd pop my head in and say hello.

I've had a very bad year, my fiance Matthew was diagnosed with cancer last month, lots of hospital visits and a lot to sink in, but he's doing well.

This finally kicked us into gear and we are finally getting married this year after being engaged for three years, my doesn't time fly!

My great auntie (who was basically like a grandma to me) died on Christmas day after a major stroke!

So a very bad year, hopefully 2009 will be good and I hope to be sticking around here for some time now.

How is everyone here? Are the old bunch still around?
congratulations (the marriage, obviouly) sorry to hear about the rest--good luck. 2008 has sucked beyond belief. on the bright side 2009 will definitely be better
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