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Actually the whole entire picture was tweaked to look “sultry,” including her face and body. It’s amazing, even Keira gets streamlined and ultra-feminized for the sake of advertising.

I laid the photos on top of each other in photoshop and noted the differences. Besides being rotated clockwise and the colors changed for the poster,

-the shadows on her face and skin were lightened and reworked
-eyes made to look smaller a number of ways
-the shadows around her eyes were lightened and countered
-“dark circles” under the eyes reduced
-both eyelids tweaked for eyes to appear slightly closed and “sultry”
-hairline lowered slightly to make her forehead smaller
-blush, lipstick, and peachy eyeshadow colored in
-cheekbones and jawline softened
-eyebrows cleaned up
-ear made smaller
-on her nose the tip, bridge and nostrils all nipped and tucked
-mouth nipped in and made smaller
-lips made more pouty
-her teeth were even highlighted to make them pop and appear more “pouty” (you can hardly see them in the original)
-aforementioned arm pit shadows blended in
-her bicep was made SKINNIER, toned and chiseled!
-tummy made flatter
-waist shrunk
-and obviously, the enhanced breasts

Am I seeing things, or are her fingernails even primped and elongated digitally?

There you have it. The "beautiful" images that girls are killing themselves over are fake.
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