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I saw this myself recently and I thought it was a beautiful film. It was perfectly paced, the acting was fantastic and the music was wonderful. Keira was not the enough for my liking, but as a piece of cinematography I thought it was great.

It may be think that Keira seems to do two types of film -- massively promoted ones (Beckham, Pirates, Atonement, The Duchess, etc) and ones that seem to be released and noticed (Silk, Pure, The Jacket, etc). The promoted ones get all the attention, but I have to say that some of the smaller films are equally good I loved all the above three and their equally deserving of a watch as the ones with big budgets behind them.

I just got The Edge of Love to see now and I've seen every film I can get hold of in this website's filmography. Then it's on to the TV series...!
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