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I love history. Espeically early Christian history. I'm not religious or anything but I still find it extremely interesting all the symbology and where the stories actually came from and stuff. I also love the Dark Ages and such. Unfortuneatley I don't know that much bout that time period.I love geneology and I absorb everything possible about name origins and meanings. For example I know what all my friends first names and last names mean and most historical facts about them and such. I am also a historical reenactor. I don't really like the time periods that I reenact, I do it more for the people I've met and have become a family too me and I love wearing the funky clothes. But I have learned quite abit from then and I tend to know more bout those time periods then my history teachers lol. There isn't much Medieval stuff in Canada, and even the small things around here aren't as cool as being in Europe and doing it there. ohwell. I take what I can get.
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