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Originally Posted by Surprize View Post
Now I'm extremely interested in the history of France, Great Britain (although Ice lives there) and the USA, of course. This semester we have a new subject Country Study, where we learn about English-speaking countries, in particular - the UK, but we had to write a report about any country we want (English-speaking). Certainly, I chose the States, the topic I selected was about period of struggling for Independence, the American British War etc. I've read the Declaration and I do admire Americanmen' ability to fight for freedom and independence and the most important - justice. Besides, you, guys, had the fairest Constitution for that time, when entire Europe was absolutist.
Technically, England was technically an constitutional monarchy although George II and George III especially exercised power in their own rights (saving from his bouts of prophyria), as was parts of the Netherlands. Anyway, thanks for the compliment.
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