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i have never read much about this or the bigraphy befroe so i don't know if it runies it for history fans etc.. but i do known i it really good if you love period films and is a keira knightley fans as i think this is one of her best acting wise (personally i like her perfomance hear better than in pride and prejudice) so if you like keira WATCH IT as its good and it a good period film i not to great on these type of films but i still really liked this very much wayyy more then i thought i would.

oh and another think most of you already known keira has just been nomited for an BIFA award (her first award nomition for the duchess) but did anyone see who the Jury people are , what do you think keiras chances are

Simon Relph
Anne Marie Duff (James McAvoy's wife)
Tor Belfrage
Shaheen Baig
Xavier Marchand
Cat Villiers
Gina Carter
David Lawson
Abi Morgan
Paul Andrew Williams
Joe Wright
Christopher Simpson
Mark Strong
Eva Birthistle
Col Needham

it says on the website rules: All nominated films will be viewed by the Jury. The winners will be decided by a secret ballot. In the case of a tie, a deciding vote will be cast by the Jury Chairperson.
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