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they remade Batman and that was HUGE (wouldn't have been if Heath was alive as is wasn't the best ever film)

so don't judge it might be better than we think Daniel Day-Lewis, Brad Pitt and George Clooney have all been rumored to star in it or want the male lead, so it might be good, look at the new version of Alice in wonderland (buy Tim Burton) at first i didn't think it would be good but then it is starting to get a good cast and looks like it is going to be big and it seem everyone wants a part in it.
Audrey was not the first person the play her, it was a stage play before with Julie Andrews if anything it should be how keira can be as good as julie not Audrey as she wasn't that great her accent at the start was a quite bad untill she learnt to speak poshly and she didn't sing in it to had to get someone esle to do that atlease keira said in interview (when she auctioned for the part) she sang and she looks simpler to audrey both very slim and had big eyebrows.
who esle would play her if not keira there isn't that many young british actresses around they would have to get an american to do it which i think would be much worse than keira.
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