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sad about pirates movie as Elizabeth Swan is well part of the story i don't see how it can be any good without the charater Elizabeth Swan it would be sad without keira naturally but just elizabeth swan i part of the whole movies and story.
I really don't see how she can be written out as she is The Pirate KING, she was made the king of all pirates buy Jack in the last movie and Pirate Captain of the Empress and Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, i don't think it will be as good unless they get a new elizabeth which i don't see happening cause in the U.K glamour magazine she said if they think about getting a new actor to play her keira said she would rather play her role agian rather than give it up to some esle.
And also Will Turner is captain of the Flying Dutchman Every 10 years, Will may step on land for one day, Which he did in AWE after the credits went up, he is bound to the Flying Dutchman forever more and as part of his job he has to Guide the souls lost at sea they go to Davy Jones's Locker (like Jack did).
how are they going to write them out, what are they going to say about elizabeth unless they kill her off, with Will it might be fine as he can step on land only once a day every 10 years but what are they going to say about her that she just sits there waiting on the beach for Will and not doing her job as captain or pirate king/lord.

I love johnny depp to bits but he does have a lot of very cool movies in the works so i would rather see them than this really,disney must have payed him a lot which is proabaly why he's doing this he all ready get lots and lots per a movie but i guess they made him an offer he couldn't turn down (Disney reportedly are paying johnny around $56 million for the fouth one).
Unless they pay keira and orlando a simpler or high price i don't see them in this movie keira clearly wants to do other things and she already gets good money for her films all ready so i think they would have to give lots away which might loss them money if it isn't a BIG blockbuster to make up for it. As for orlando he hasn't done big movies since this so i don't see why he wont do it.

The Pirates of The Caribbean has been a part of her life for a long time she was only 17 when she did the first one shes now 23 years old this has been part of her life for 6 years how (first film was filmed in 2002 last film released in 2007) i don't blame her but then if its been part of her life for so long she might miss it i think pirates will be the only film that keira make sequels of don't think she would want to do this agian, orlando has done it twice with this and LOTR's might be why he might not want to do it agian.

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