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Dave, are you a politician because you have a gift for twisting words.

I support a woman's right to CHOOSE what she can do with her body. Which would be pro-CHOICE. See, choose... choice.... see it? Your rambles about hunting and hunters are nonsense. That may work for Sarah Palin but it doesn't work for you... come to think of it, it doesn't work for her either.

And did you actually read the answer to the first link that your search went to? Quote from the first result from the link to a google search you provided:

"Expert: Sam Rutherford
Date: 5/11/2006
Subject: Jews under Stalin

Followup To
Question -
Hi! In a program on History Channel was given the information, that more jews were killed by Stalin than by the Nazis. That's an info I never heard before and a rather astonishing one. Instead I have heard that the jews had a protected situation in Sovjet, that sovjet was the only country at that time where antisemitism was a crime. And that the jews had dominating position in Stalins terrormachine.
A mistake by History Channel?

Answer -
First of all, I love the way you spell sovjet. Are you Slavic, German?

I have never heard that Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler. I suspect it's a mistake.
Stalin is credited with around 15 million political murders, 13 million of which were in the terror famine (Robert Conquest's Harvest of Sorrow is a respected source on this). Victims of the terror famine were chiefly located in the Ukraine and the Kuban steppe. As the Ukraine was an area of relatively high Jewish population, it's reasonable to suppose that a lot of the victims were Jews.

Also one of the blood purges was against something called the Doctors' Plot. A lot of the doctors were Jews as were many other victims of the purges. I've never seen a breakdown of terror famine or purge victims by ethnicity, but I'd be very surprised if the Jewish victims totaled more than the 6 million figure commonly attributed to the Nazi Jewish genocide."

Originally Posted by Dave
In any case, the few sites I've looked at seem to be saying that Hitler shouldn't be vilified because he wasn't as bad as these other guys. I don't believe that for one second. Evil is Evil, so I refuse to be dragged into this particular discussion.
I'm not debating who's more evil with you. I didn't even start it to begin with, you did. I merely said I thought you were giving bad information.
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