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Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
a couple thoughts:

No one is pro-abortion. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are two different things.
That is a Semantic Quibble that the pro-abortion people are using to hide the fact that they are in favor of abortions. You should not let them get away with using "politically correct" terminology to disguise their intentions. You are how you speak. There is nothing wrong with believing that women should be allowed to abort unwanted pregnancies. (unless you, yourself can't say that out loud. If you, yourself have to disguise what you are saying, then you are ashamed of it.) How would you describe a "hunter"? Pro-hunter & anti-hunter or would you say anti-hunter and pro-animal-slaughterer? You see how choosing/disguising your terminology is used to obfuscate the issue? It is clear that slaughtering animals feels bad when you say it, but pro-hunter describes someone far less derogatorily and gives an unfair advantage in any discussion. While I am pro-abortion, I am not pro-choice. Being male, there is no choice available to me. Do you believe that I am stupid enough to get someone pregnant and then leave the "choice" of what to do to her, alone. I'm not that stupid.

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
Also, Dave, I'm skeptical that Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler. I'd believe more people, but even then the numbers on how many people Stalin killed vary widely. The most popular theory is 20 million killed by Stalin and 11 million killed by Hitler in the concentration camps. If you have a link to the information please send it. Google Search for "Stalin Killed More Jews Than Hitler It seems that The History Channel said that. They went on to say that Chairman Mao was much worse.

Stats from It is trivial to say that Mao and Stalin killed more "people" than Hitler, but the numbers are staggering. The recent figures seem to be that Hitler killed about 5M while Stalin killed somewhere between 20M and 50M.

Are you pretending that there weren't more than 5M Jews in the 50M people that Stalin Killed? From what I've read, the Ukrainians were mostly Jewish and those were the people Stalin killed the most.

In any case, the few sites I've looked at seem to be saying that Hitler shouldn't be vilified because he wasn't as bad as these other guys. I don't believe that for one second. Evil is Evil, so I refuse to be dragged into this particular discussion. Do believe, that there are still more than 6M Jews in any random gathering of 50M Russians.

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