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Originally Posted by dave View Post
Well, let's see.
3) She's a Bible basher. (I think you mean Bible Thumper. A Bible basher would be someone who "bashes" the bible.) You have a problem with someone who actually believes and practices the morality taught in the Bible? You think that is somehow wrong? You must have very nervous friends. They wouldn't have a clue what you are going to do next.
I'm especially fond of the chapter that has Lot offering up one of his daughters for the village to rape so they won't rape his visitor. Of course, said daughters later get him drunk so he can impregnate them. Classy bunch they are. I'm thrilled people are practicing those morals still.

Puh-lease. The Bible is not the be all and end all of morals. Thinking you're better than other people because you are a Christian, however, I think goes right in against the call for a lack of self-importance in your very Bible. Jesus didn't think he was the hottest thing going around, so why do a group of his followers think they get to ride the superiority wagon?

Originally Posted by Kelsey
As for Obama, he voted present (not yes, not no, but that's a different story) 143 days that the Senate was open. 143 days of experience in a leadership experience. And he thinks he is ready to be promoted to Commander in Chief. You wouldn't be promoted from teacher to superintendant after 143 days, you wouldn't be promoted to manager from McDonalds in 143 days! Just some interesting food for thought.
Knowing that Alaska is between Canada and Russia makes you a great fit for vice-president, however. Repeating it three times makes it even more convincing. I'm with you on the Katie Couric moron point, but the fact remains that Palin had no real answer to provide an example of her foreign affairs experience. None. Katie Couric even led her on, giving her a real chance by asking her if she had perhaps been part of cross-border agreements, and she still didn't manage to get out anything else than "Russia, it's right there!" or something similar. I'd be terrified if there were even the slightest odds she might become my president.

I will say, however, that McCain is the least scary Republic in ten years. He's got some good points, seems extremely intelligent (and I realise that that's easy since we automatically compare him to Bush, but even without such easy comparison, the man is clever, fair enough) and his experience speaks for him. I just don't agree with him fully. I was willing to give him a chance, but Sarah Palin... I'm sorry, no. I'm sure she's just like everyone, and that's wonderful, but it doesn't in any way make one a worthy vice-president. Unlike Obama, she doesn't appear to have the smarts to make up for lack of experience either. I didn't think McCain that terrible, but I couldn't seriously vote for someone who's running mate is Sarah Palin. It's the end of credibility.

As always, of course, politics just turns into picking the lesser evil.
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