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Originally Posted by Joly View Post
No. I meant Bible Basher.
Originally Posted by
4. Bible basher
In America: One who incessantly criticizes the bible.
In Britain (and Australia): One who incessantly promotes the Bible.

3. bible thumper
A mega-right wing Christian wacko. Believes their life must be based on the Bible. The same goes for our goverment, it will be based on the Bible.
Ah, a translation problem. It's my understanding that she is a Pentacostal. There are several different types, and I've never met one that tries to proselytize their particular brand of Christianity. Most Pentecostal people are very private about their religion because they are the brunt of so many jokes.

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
No one is pro-abortion. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are two different things.
I try not to use weird terminology. To me the two positions are pro-abortion and anti-abortion. Pro-choice would mean that you have the choice not to have an abortion, being male, that choice is denied me. I would have no say in what a woman decided. I'm old fashioned enough that I believe a woman should always have the right to have an abortion and I have the right to be sad about it.

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
Obama is not anti-gun, he just wants to reform gun laws.
Your source spends a lot of time pussyfooting around the fact that Obama does indeed want to eliminate guns. Every single quote contains Obama's statement that it is not politically possible to do so. Not once does he say that if it were possible that he wouldn't do it. In fact he promises to make the Brady Bill permanent, to eliminate the "gun show loophole" and to eliminate "concealed carry nationwide". Incidentally, the notorious "gun show loophole" is just that you can buy a gun at a gunshow and leave with it that same day. All sales at gun shows are registered and there seems to be a plan to have every sale go through the "instant check".

Originally Posted by Ashley View Post is a great website to go to if you want actual factual information. The TV ads (For people in the US) are ridiculously skewed and misleading, both sides are guilty of that.
You are right about debate_no_1 it was a lot of fun to read and learn what they thought. However, they totally ignored Obama's statements about bombing Pakistan AND inserting three battalions of US Soldiers into the UN Peacekeeping controlled conflict in Afghanistan. What do you think would happen if Russia decided to insert their army into Afghanistan?

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