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a couple thoughts:

No one is pro-abortion. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are two different things.

Katie Couric's interview with Palin was bad, look on youtube. It's stupid that they showed the SNL skit instead of an actual clip of the interview... but they actually were not much different. She's out of her league in this one, that's very apparent now.
As for her being a bible-thumper, there is nothing wrong with being religious. That is, as long as you do not force your views upon others. Some issues in the election are religious issues. We have the separation of church and state.
Also, Dave, I'm skeptical that Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler. I'd believe more people, but even then the numbers on how many people Stalin killed vary widely. The most popular theory is 20 million killed by Stalin and 11 million killed by Hitler in the concentration camps. If you have a link to the information please send it.

Obama is not anti-gun, he just wants to reform gun laws. is a great website to go to if you want actual factual information. The TV ads (For people in the US) are ridiculously skewed and misleading, both sides are guilty of that.

Vote for who you want, but be an informed voter.

I'm going to go disappear for another year to 3 years.

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