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Palin is extremely religious, and active in her church. How could "bible basher" possibly make sense?

I kept a lookout while I was in Europe, and saw no sign that your media even knew McCain existed, so I'm not surprised to hear a European glorify Obama.

As for the fact that you have never seen a gun up close because where you live you don't need one...congratulations. Unfortunately here in the US that's not the case. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where not a whole lot of people need to own guns for protection. Where I live, outdoor sports are quite popular, and so people own guns they use in sporting or hunting. Other people in the country have guns because they want to be able to protect themselves, their families, and their property should they need to. Gun registrations, rules to protect those with guns (and those without), and similar laws are a long way from perfect in my opinion, but I do believe Americans reserve the right to bear arms. Luckily the Constitution agrees with me.

As for Obama, he voted present (not yes, not no, but that's a different story) 143 days that the Senate was open. 143 days of experience in a leadership experience. And he thinks he is ready to be promoted to Commander in Chief. You wouldn't be promoted from teacher to superintendant after 143 days, you wouldn't be promoted to manager from McDonalds in 143 days! Just some interesting food for thought.
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