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Originally Posted by dave View Post
Well, let's see. You make three Euro-points and then apologize for having that opinion. That's not a good start for your side...

1) She's pro-gun, and you hold that against her. To you it's reprehensible. For me it is a requirement. Our country was founded by scared farmers and Religious nuts who were fed up with being hung in the city square by British/French/Spanish/Dutch Aristocracy for trivial insults. You guys don't seem to be doing that much any more... Seems you learned your lesson. However, you have turned into a continent of wusses. You need to bring back some of those Australians (though they seem to be going soft lately.)
The fact that you can even believe a gun is a method of self-defense astounds me.
I've never even seen a proper gun up close where I live. In fact, the only people I can even imagine having a gun are farmers. My chances of being shot - almost nil. With like half of american households in possesion of guns I think I know where I'd rather live.

Originally Posted by dave View Post
2) She's anti-abortion. So am I, so what? I really don't believe that you can turn back that particular clock. I suspect that it is racist to say anything more about this. In fact, because the various racial birth rates are evidence that being pro-abortion is always a racist stance, I can't even talk about this without being considered a racist and an asshole. So whenever a person talks about abortion they are really talking about race and any response is not Politically Correct. (Start with the fact that the white race is not replenishing itself and any discussion about killing babies is automatically a discussion about killing more brown/black babies than white. I knew that if I broke it down far enough you would eventually understand. So, any stance on Abortion is Racist.)
Wtf!? Racism never even crosses my mind when I think of abortion, so that was a waste of time, davey. =/

Originally Posted by dave View Post
3) She's a Bible basher. (I think you mean Bible Thumper. A Bible basher would be someone who "bashes" the bible.)
No. I meant Bible Basher.

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