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The First Presidential Debate

The Repugnicants vs The Demagogues

McCain whipped Obama's hide... Wonder how that happened? The Press is on Obama's side and the questions seemed to be tilted in Obama's favor and everybody is so tired of the Repugnicant point of view, yet it was Obama who advocated starting about three new wars and couldn't come up with one single program that he would cut to pay for the Demagogue's $700 Billion payoff for the Wall Street Crooks.

How could that happen? I've been hearing that Obama is the Savior of America, what's with that?

I'm thinking that McCain won't last the time automatically making Sarah Palin president.

So, the real choice is between a Black Man or a Woman. Either way something new is going to happen.

So Next Thursday's debate should be the decider. Can Sarah Palin make Joe Biden back down. Can she handle the job. Remember that Joe Biden is very different from Obama. He has been there a long time and is not considered main stream Demo.

The current group of Republicans are about where the Democrats were when I was young. The Democrats are outright Socialists. Socialists believe that the government should own the factories and that people should have everything that they need to live. (No socialist ever says "live well." Many Democrats will say that.)

Now, the economy just cratered because Wall Street types figured out that they could "short" a stock without having to put the money to cover what they were buying into escrow. They never had the courage to do these "naked shorts" before because the market never moved fast enough so that was safe to do. (i.e. the bill would come before the market went down enough to make a big profit.) But the huge Insurance companies and Banks were destroyed by the huge loans on falling property values all came due and the "day traders" saw an opportunity to make huge "naked shorts". The Banks and Insurance companies were forced into selling their stock to the day traders at the depreciated value (because that's the way the rules are.) and suddenly the banks and insurance companies were bankrupt. Actually, they were bankrupt all along, but were hiding that by holding worthless mortgages. When they had to sell the depreciated stock to the day traders so they could sell it to the people who actually owned the stock and had to buy it at the price that it was before being "shorted", The day traders made a huge amount of money, the people who owned the overvalued stock lost their shirts, and the banks and insurance companies were left with only worthless loans in their portfolio, so they went bankrupt or were sold for pennies on the dollar. This all happened faster than you could read this explanation.

It was pretty clear that one or both of the Presidential candidates last night still doesn't understand what just happened.

So, you are really voting for either Obama or Palin.

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