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Fan's abusive taunts leave Keira Knightley 'shocked'

Fan's abusive taunts leave Keira Knightley 'shocked'
Keira Knightley was left shell-shocked when an over-enthusiastic fan came up to her with abusive rants while she was out in public alone. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star was taken aback when the fan tried to speak to her while she was walking alone close to her London home.

Keira said that she was contemplating future film projects at the time and was shocked by the man shouting her name.
"The other day I was walking down the street and was really thinking about this book I'd been sent. You know when you're really in another place. Somebody jumped out and went, 'Keira Knightley!' Contactmusic quoted the actress, as saying. She added: "I got such a shock, I couldn't say anything because I'd been thinking about the book and this guy took incredible offence and started hurling the most amazing abuse.

And when she did not respond to her name call, the fan called her a "c**t" in a bout of aggression. "He said, 'Who the f**k do you think you are? You're such a c**t.' All this, and I'm completely on my own."

Now, Knightley is finding it hard to recover from the encounter and has confessed that she was left feeling "jumpy" by the unexpected taunt. "It's weird thing to have to deal with, not on a day-to-day basis, but it's happened enough to make me quite jumpy," she said.
Posted on 08 Sep 2008

That is horrible. No one should have to endure that. This is very sad. I feel so sorry for her. Poor thing! Mean Bastard!! IF I WERE THERE AND IF IT WAS Necessary I WOULD HAVE KNOCKED RAT HELL OUT OF HIM IN ONE BLOW. People ought to have manners enough to know how to treat people especially if they are someone special or of importance.

I hope she starts keeping her bodyguards around all the time or at least a pair of nunchuks.

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