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A Spy is a bounty hunter with a license to kill and much more training She can do it.

One of my family members were a spy, they were very kind. No he didn't kill anyone but after the Matador with Pierce Brosnan who can say an assassin or spy can't be kind while being objective about their job. My role for the main character starts off like the Bond Character but becomes the opposite of a womanizer. Something happens in his life to make him change. Therefor this character doesn't throw females away like a used tissue. This character keeps the same female for the future films as his companion because like Feona in USA's Burn Notice the female role is just as smart and skillful as the male lead. Oh and the only other female to have a career to survive a Bond Role is Hallie Barry. Not that she is turning out film after film. The girl in Casino Royale might have made a few movie I don't know about because she is French. But yes Ian Fleming wrote very derogatory roles for females. I on the other hand don't. That is why she should be in an action adventure in a role as a skillful spy that the lead role admires their abilities and heart so much that he stays with her throughout all the future movies. This is why if Miss Knightley won't be in it then he will womanize until he finds someone special so he would end up lonely after the 1st film. I do this because the actress in the female role will have to be someone that the public would like. Now as far as this good family girl role stuff, that is something that would put her career in a box that cannot be reopened for 10 years. In other words if you want to see Miss Knightley in the same role she COULD BE TYPECAST (Stuck in the same type of role because of how Hollywood views her) FOR TEN YEARS! That is unreal but quite possible in the career of an actor/actress. See most who have voted can see that she should diversify which doesn't leave a good action adventure out. Thank you all for all your votes.

21st Century Ian Flemng

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