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Lightbulb She did well as a bounty hunter so she will do well as a spy, hopefully in my film.

When she yelled "Put your fucking weapon down" (In Domino). That is all it took for me to see how she could portray a spy easily. This is because a spy is either 1 calm 2 beaten up or 3 very mad. Mostly a spy is calm and rarely are they confused. Besides a spy is a bounty hunter with a license to kill and a lot more training.

Her portral of the character in Domino was an inspiration for a role I wrote and hopefully she can accept because she is more than able to act or to be a spy. I doubt she will be in it but who knows, she may like the cutting edge script.

No one is going to understand this but I will say it anyway, A Bond film is beneath her because the scripts are not as good as they were when Sean Connery or Roger Moore were bond, this is because they are not using Ian Fleming material. Yes my film is better than a Bond film because my film is more realistic less fantasy and portrays the females, more often than other films, more skillful and intelligent than the Lead role (male) at times. I think that the Bond scripts really died when they ran out of actual Ian Fleming books to film. Anyone will agree (that has read the books by Ian Fleming) that Goldfinger was much better and even written better than Goldeneye. Yes it was shot on a grand scale but it doesn't even come close to the work of art Goldfinger is, nor will they ever make a Bond film as good as Goldfinger is. Their main producer died and none of the original directors are involved, not even the music composer John Barry. Not Q. It only has the razzle dazzle that makes it still interesting. The only reason Casino Royale was so good was because it was the last IAN FLEMING BOOK LEFT TO FILM. I own ever Ian Fleming book, my Dad owned every Ian Fleming book before they became movies. I know what I am talking about and now let me show you why. Ian was quite different. I invite any of you to read the book versions of the Bond stories in the Ian Fleming books and then to compare to the movie. The books are actually better than the movie most of the time. Besides that look at what happened to those that played in the Bond films as Bond girls and where their careers went. You would be surprised. They had great careers before that and after no one would touch them most of the time. The only acception to this rule is Talisa Soto in Licensed to Kill and Jill Saint John in Diamonds are forever. Even oh what is her name, Ursela Endress was taking slap stick comedy after she posed for a playboy picture after the Dr. No shoot was over. Usually they exploit them as much as they can be exploited in real life.
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