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I'm very glad that not only was the scene approved but those in the know are aware of how things work in the former Soviet Block and those to their far South. Their Governments are Cruel but the people have no control over the Government. Thank you for your approval ulasoc. I am flattered. I always try to follow procedure and protocol. Once again thank you very much for your reply.

May I request Keira Fan's input on this. I ask this so I can present the world with what it deires to see in a film about spies. What would you like to see in a spy movie? Realistic stories or fiction? What would you all want to see Keira do? What types of scenes would you like to see her doing? Hand to hand combat, nunchucks, katanas (I myself would like to teach her how to use two katanas or nunchucks at once that would make an awesome scene), car chase, motercycle chase?

21st Century Ian Fleming

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