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My sentiments exactly! Thank you for your vote and reply.

My sentiments exactly, not only that but you took the words from my mouth and mind. Thank you for your vote and reply. However my script makes Wanted look like a milk carton kid or a "red headed step child" Because you can't bend the trajectory of a bullet at all. It is Impossible. The velocity of the bullet is so fast that no matter if Bruce Lee or Jet Li were "Twisting their wrists" (I view them as fast and real fighters that learned from a young age) they wouldn't be fast enough. In fact if you put a gun on a robot and have it replicate those scenes of bending the path of the bullet it would be impossible. I base my script on reality for the most part. However due to a former C.I.A. agents comments have shown me the only way to make a bullet change trajectory. If she accepts my script I would be happy to let her perform a scene that is based in realizm and not fantasy involving changing the trajectory of a bullet. A film to educate people and more. However the Lead role will changed the bullet's trajectory first then teach her character how to do it. Yes my script has a male as the lead role however there is a female character that has been sent to assassinate the lead role and fails. If she accepts the script then later they join forces, if not then they won't (which is how it is written now). Sounds more simple than it is played out but it plays out professionally. I have decided to spice up the script a bit as far as fighting and chases so it may run more than 120 minutes but I know it's not wise to try to keep an audience forever. Ha Ha some directors, they are a joke.

21st Century Ian Fleming

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