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1yes 2yes 3yes 4yes & too often 5Drastically 6Yes I elaborate further N the post.

1. Do you think women have been given more power in life in reflection to the way women are portrayed in films?
I am not a women so I wouldn't know but I would say that if the powerful adventurous roles were in more movies it would definitely have that effect due to sociological and psychological facts about humans.
2. Do you think films have had an influence on gender stereotyping?
Films have an influence on anything and everything.
3. Do you think Keira being represented the way she is influences the way teenage girls see themselves and who/ how they aspire to be?
Absolutely and not only roles and movies but their own real life personal preferences such as Lindsey Lohan.
4. Do you think there is a generated perfect female stereotype (both in personality or physically) from films?
Some films try to manifest that Hollywood does just that superfluously but are rare and predominantly this "Perfect Female Stereotype" is displayed.
5. How do you think the role of women have changed over time (with reference to that of women in films)?
One word: Drastically.
Elaborated: Women have gone from standing on a chair screaming because there is a mouse to Reese Witherspoon asking Keifer Southerland if he takes Jesus as his personal lord and savior and then blowing the side of his face off.
6. Is the issue of gender equality still relevant in films today?
Some films are absolutely trying to advocate that in a big way while most do it in a small way.

Conclusion: I think that it would be fair to say that women should be given the main character and lead role more often but Hollywood doesn't favor such a type of film nor a female as the lead role. This is why I believe that Female actresses, such as Keira, should be more active in and enabled to be in films with the females being the lead role and main character of the movie/film.
In my opinion I believe that the more the role of that type of film is and the lead role being a female aggressive gun shooting sophisticated and intelligent character then it will be achieved more quickly for females to attain as you put it gender equality in films.
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