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Cool What types of roles do you visualize Miss Knightley In?

What types of roles do you visualize Miss Knightley In?
Please explain what genre and why you feel this way if the genre is not displayed in the 4 options via post. You don't realize that "the public" will pay $ to see their favorite star in the type of role they would like them to be in, therefore The more you vote or post the better Miss Knightley will know how to grow and build a bigger audience and fan base. This will in turn help her make more $ and have more movie offers, provided there is at least a good script, a good director and a good director of photography (Yes there is a difference).

I say Action adventure because I haven't even seen anything except Domino and Pirates. To me Pirates was ok but Domino was high keyed in your face entertainment and the Ridley Brothers are Fantastic. Besides that The role of Domino manifested Tremendous sophistication more so than Pirates, as well as gave the point of view that females were more sophisticated in Domino but in Pirates females were rarely more sophisticated than fainting to stop men from fighting, which is not so sophisticated in my view. Sure the scene where she pulled the gun on the what was it new acting governor of port royal? What a very short scene for her to display the female persona of witty and skilled. The Ridley Brothers have the rare ability to Turn a normal film into a work of art via their type of directing, visualization and effects, as well as how they pre-visualize and personally direct the characters. Jerry Bruckheimer is just a well informed man with too much technology and capitol at his disposal, not a visionary. Dry stolen Ideas from film to television. No work of art there (from my viewpoint) besides the special effects of the "Flying dutchman" which is also a pipe tobacco based on the myth of the flying Dutchman and his ship. My Dad smoked it for a while.

Ian Fleming of the 21st Century

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