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Exclamation how does Keira affect you!?

Hi there girls!
I'm an A level Media student who's studying the module "Women in Film" and keira Knightley is my main piece.
I was wondering if any of you could help me out with my coursework by posting answers to a few questions on how women are affected by the portrayal of women in films and also how keira is represented in her films and what effect you think she has on others.

Any reference to Keira in these questions in fine and even if you only want to pick out one or two questions from these to answer, even for that i would be very grateful.

1. Do you think women have been given more power in life in reflection to the way women are portrayed in films?
2. Do you think films have had an influence on gender stereotyping?
3. Do you think Keira being represented the way she is influences the way teenage girls see themselves and who/ how they aspire to be?
4. Do you think there is a generated perfect female stereotype (both in personality or physically) from films?
5. How do you think the role of women have changed over time (with reference to that of women in films)?
6. Is the issue of gender equality still relevant in films today?

help me people Iím relying on you!
Thank you so much

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