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The best script I have wrote to be offered to Miss Knightley in March when I visit London and Dublin. I will be bringing my Grandma to see Ireland while attending to other business. She has always wanted to visit Dublin, where her family came from. As Ian Fleming wrote about what would be the future of the world this script is in the same line of thought. Ian's books have (technologically except Moonraker after I thought about it) came true since his writing them 50 years ago. I am the new Ian Fleming. Global Politics, human resources, unorthodox/futuristic weapons (I.E. Plasma Cannon) and more. Script written so well anyone would be an idiot to refuse. Script is done however if Miss Knightley desires to b n the film a few changes will b made. With the uttermost respect will it be offered. There is some business I must attend to before I can pitch the script to Lindy King and hopefully Miss Knightley. Many specifics will need be omitted because the script would be changed a bit then stolen from me because it is a good script whether I have my Screen Writers Guild Card or the Copywrite, it makes no difference the script would still be "stolen".

I can't say I enjoy period films. I can't say that her management is doing anything except setting her up for an eternal typecast and then she will be stuck in the past (figuratively speaking) forever. I have seen too many actors and actresses that were typecast so badly for their film choices and ruined their career through it.

Only a few questions:
Why does one buy a home with a person to keep an eye on them when it is clear they cheated on them? One shouldn't have to keep an eye on someone that truly loves them. This is sad.
Furthermore why should one pay half for a house when the other party that would live there has the pounds to pay for the whole thing. To me that is like taking someone to a place on a date to eat and at the end of dinner telling them they have to pick up half the check. Pity.
Sienna Miller or some other actress is getting all the films Keira should be getting and her body shape has nothing to do with it. Oh and the outrage of not putting her in the Maxim top 100 while only 4 maybe 5 of those on the list can compare and not compare very well. It is clear her skills exceed many that are excelling in a pace so much more quickly. Obviously I see more talent and skill in her than other producers, directors, and her manager (among those that I care not to mention). None of the Pirates isn't something I call action, I call that fantasy.

With all due respect and sincerely,
Ian Fleming of the 21st century

This is a scene I have wrote that was inspired by Miss Knightley's Domino performance.
Please try to visualize.....
Screen reads China
View of Tianamin Square and Chairman Mao's Portrate as back drop.
Small confrence room long table Red Chinese Flag.
The Chinese leader says to a Russian envoy "Neither I nor my people's government are impressed with an envoy that we have never met being sent to represent the nation of Russia but we will at least see what you have to say. What is your name?

A Female envoy speaks Russian saying "My name is Anastasia and we are very glad to have such good relations between our countries and hope to have even better relations in the future. She then puts her hand on the Chinese Dictators hand and says "It could be sooner than later that these relations can improve". As soon as the interpreter finishes what was said the dictator then tells everyone to leave saying "Fi deet la" making everyone go faster and some to run because it means hurry up.
When everyone leaves she pulls out her lipstick and puts some on her lips in a seductive way then held it as you would a zip gun and presses one button and out came a bullet into his head. His head blows up and she then makes a call on the same phone and says in Russian "One snake head removed mission accomplished" as she starts her adventure to escape. She then pulled on a black mask matching her black dress and escapes by hooking a decender to railing on the balcony of the palace.

Ian Fleming of the 21st Century

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