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Sounds like a good class

#1. Do you think women have been given more power in life in reflection to the way women are portrayed in films?
A: The Spice Girls had a message for woman power n' such. I'll leave it there.

2. Do you think films have had an influence on gender stereotyping?
A: I can see them as being influential as the stereo types are changing.

Do you think Keira being represented the way she is influences the way teenage girls see themselves and who/ how they aspire to be?
A: Funny. Cute. Accent. Self assured. I am aspired

Do you think there is a generated perfect female stereotype (both in personality or physically) from films?
A: I like Keira. Jolly Good.

5. How do you think the role of women have changed over time (with reference to that of women in films)?
A: Well they vote and run for president now...The confident ones like their bosoms. For the record I didn't check the photo but wouldn't it be funny if they made a digital error one shifted higher than the other? Meh maybe it's just me.

6. Is the issue of gender equality still relevant in films today?
A: James Bond movies or The Notebook? Apples & Oranges

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