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Originally Posted by keiraRules View Post
OMGG i have such little girly cush on marion cotillard (i am straight still) shes so pretty i love her hope she has a long carrer and does english movies to (like Penelope Cruz does with spainish and english films) emma waston for chanel i see why she looks great in there clothes (she alway where them) but i don't know about the face maybe someone better hopefully its not true though
i still belivie what i said audrey for the face of chanel No5 is not the best choice yes she nice and pretty but lets face it shes only been the face to help promote the film if she wasn't in it we know they wouldn't have chossen her. Chanel is a french designer and if there wasn't doing a biopic they would have chossen some other french person whos world wide famous to help it sell EVERYWHERE but coz of the movie there are using this to promote to movie instead, which is fine its buisness but don't sit there and tell me they would have chossen her other wise cause you know thats not true.
i bet you 100%, in the advert she'll be playing Coco Chanel and it'll be something about coco rather than something esle and its going to be coming out in 2009 around about the same time the film does to. she is pretty but you know they didn't choose her coz of that come on you wasn't born yesterday don't get upset about the truth.
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